My love for photography begins after I had my first kid, and not because I wanted to take her pictures, but mainly because being a mom and far away from my hometown awoke an interest to look at photos of my childhood, photos of my mom, my home town, my siblings, it made me feel very nostalgic that I was very far away from my family, (specially my mom whom already was in heaven) while creating my own family.

I turned into those photos to keep my soul connected to those memories and emotions from the past. It was then, that I understood the power of a photo. I had never imagined I wanted to be a photographer, it wasn’t even a dream of mine, until life brought it to me by pure accident (or maybe it was in my destiny) but I couldn’t be more happier that I was indeed present, and saw the spark of the the moment. 

My inspiration as a photographer is the opportunity to leave my clients with artistic, but yet authentic memories, that one day will mean soul notes for their kids, just like it was for me. And the ability to engage with the world from a place of worthiness that feeds my soul to the fullest. Enough about me! Can’t wait to create some more soul notes for you!

Cheers! – Natalia Mastrascusa

Family and Maternity Photographer, Natalia Mastra

Photos by Stormy Solis